Originally from New York City, I'm well-acquainted with its bustling atmosphere and fast-paced lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city on a budget, always eager to be out and about.

After completing my BA in photojournalism at Purchase College, I took a significant step by moving to London. There, I pursued further studies at the reputable London College of Communications, a branch of the University of Arts London. Two years of dedicated effort in Europe resulted in my earning a Master's degree in Arts and Lifestyle Journalism.

With over a decade of professional photography experience under my belt, I've developed a deep affinity for photographing weddings. I leverage my photojournalism background to comprehensively document these special events, capturing their essence and telling a compelling visual story. As your fine art wedding photographer in New York City, I strive to balance artistry with joy to ensure your day is captured authentically.

Documenting memories for couples in love...

NYC Fine Art Wedding Photography

I have a genuine passion for photographing weddings in the vibrant backdrop of New York City, the idyllic charm of Long Island, and other captivating locations near and far. Allow my fine art wedding photography style to document your happiest memories.

• from details to dance floor •


Our team plans and executes the perfect elopement, guiding you every step of the way. Whether you're tying the knot in Brooklyn Bridge Park or saying your vows at Cop Cot in Central Park, we'll capture your memories beautifully.

• just the (three) of us •


I absolutely adore traveling to capture destination weddings. It's an incredible experience to witness couples coming together in stunning locations around the world. I appreciate the opportunity to craft timeless, extraordinary memories through my lens.

• get away for your special day •


I've photographed & been part of countless New York weddings, so it's likely. Nevertheless, if it's a new venue for me, I conduct thorough research and a pre-event walk-through to ensure top-quality photos. Exploring a new location is an exciting adventure, motivating me to discover every photogenic nook and cranny!

Have you shot at my venue before?


Certainly not. We meticulously curate your photos, eliminating duplicates, test shots, and unflattering images. From the thousands taken, I select and edit the best ones, typically delivering 50-100 quality photos per hour of coverage by a single photographer. You'll receive only the finest moments captured during your event.

Do you deliver every image?

Image Delivery

While we are based in Queens, NYC, we serve clients all around the world. Please feel free to send all details about your destination wedding special so we are able to determine the cost of travel and accommodations on top of our rate. Lower rates may apply depending on the specific circumstances. 

What are your travel fees?

Travel Fees

Absolutely! To truly assess a photographer's performance throughout the day, we encourage prospective clients to view full event galleries. Reach out and ask for a full wedding day gallery so you can peep a full gallery from getting ready to the dance floor.

Can we see a full wedding day gallery?

Full Galleries

Rest assured, we've successfully captured events in even the dimmest venues and houses of worship. In chapels where flash photography isn't permitted, we employ cameras with exceptional low-light performance and wide-aperture lenses. Otherwise, we have lighting systems as needed.

How do you handle low-light events?

Dark Venues

Yes, all of these fall under the category of 'event photography.' Our specialization lies in the art of fine art wedding and event photography in New York City, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to capture your special celebration of any type.

Do you capture bar/bat mitzvahs, debutants, etc?

Other Events